What is a Dashboard?

Dashboards transform critical data into practical and actionable information through structure and visuals that provides managers and decision makers with information concerning a system’s past performance, its potential future performance and trends over time. Click here to learn more about how dashboards can help improve the performance of your immunization supply chain.


Guidance on Dashboards for Immunization Supply Chains

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to dashboards. Rather, dashboards should address the needs and priorities peculiar to a particular programme, while taking into account the constraints and limitations of its context. So the better you plan the implementation of the dashboards the more useful it will be. Click here to learn more about the process for planning and implementing dashboards.


Indicator reference sheets

Primary key indicators to monitor the performance of a country’s immunization supply chain were identified and defined by the Gavi Alliance partners. The indicator reference sheets defines the indicators and provides information on where they are relevant, calculations and possible visualizations of indicator performance.


ViVa: Visibility for Vaccines

With funding from the UPS Foundation, UNICEF has developed a tool that visualizes the pipeline of vaccine orders and forecasts, enabling countries to identify risks of stock-outs or overstocking well into the future and take timely, corrective action before they occur.