Data for Management - Case Studies


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Simple but Impactful:
Transforming Nigeria’s vaccines supplies through weekly dashboards

The Nigerian National Primary Healthcare Development Agency (NPHCDA) introduced supply chain dashboards to increase stock availability and establish a performance- and data-driven culture.


Visualize, analyse, improve

In Mozambique, the responsibility for many immunization supply chain tasks, including supply chain data collection, has been shifted from health workers to a full-time, professional, government-employed logisticians. This new approach is known as the Sistema Dedicado de Logística (Dedicated Logistics System) and provides the basis for a new information system for managing the immunization supply chain.


Using dashboards and reinforcing feedback in Karnataka, India

In Karnataka state, a mobile logistics management information system (LMIS) at the health facility level was deployed to measure supply chain performance. To address limited adoption of the LMIS, a feedback loop using bulletin boards was introduced...


ViVa: Visibility for Vaccines – a case study of Afghanistan

This case study shows how ViVa (Visibility for Vaccines) has been introduced in Afghanistan, how the process started, what actions were taken and the benefits seen in just a matter of months.


Myanmar: Use of Data to improve Management of the Immunization Supply Chain

This case study discusses the process that the MoHS and UNICEF took in Myanmar to assess and improve data collection, data visualization, and data use, which will enable managers and healthcare workers at all levels of the immunization supply chain to make better informed operational and strategic decisions.


Myanmar: Development of Electronic Logistics Management Information Systems (eLMIS) in Immunization Supply Chain Management

This case study highlights the key steps that a country can take in deciding whether an electronic form of its LMIS will be a worthwhile investment in the short and long term, and how the specific needs of EPI are crucial when looking at a potential electronic supply chain software application.


Tajikistan: Use of Data to Improve Management of the Immunization Supply Chain

In Tajikistan, UNICEF is supporting the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of Population (MoHSPP) to improve supply chain performance by strengthening the collection, sharing and use of supply chain data at all levels.