This document provides guidance on how to develop a continuous improvement plan: a practical tool for countries that is easily integrated in existing planning processes and plans, deeply rooted into EVMA results and developed through participatory models encouraging ownership and responsibilities for success, allowing country-owned development and monitoring process.

In addition, it also:

  • Details the content of the plan (5-year strategy and yearly operational plan) as much as the process to get it;
  • Stresses the importance of allocating responsibilities and map progress towards a common vision for the country’s iSC;
  • Suggests strategies to align the cIP with national immunization and health sector planning and financing mechanisms (e.g. cMYP, NHSP) and leverage support opportunities (e.g. HSS, CCE OP);
  • Highlights the importance of engaging relevant stakeholders to get buy-in and traction to generate tangible improvements.

This guidance note also goes further: it encourages a paradigm shift, in which the cIP becomes a powerful tool for countries to build the investment case for immunization supply chains. The cIP will be a ROBUST plan based on evidence and a strong programmatic logic, as well as a CREDIBLE plan that responds to country needs, represent a shared vision and track continuous improvements made against predefined performance targets.

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